๐ŸŽปOrchestral Tools Kontakt Libraries

Orchestral Tools libraries can come in different flavours. Instruments with articulations that are inactive in the factory presets offer Snapshot options. Multiple Snapshots contain all the articulations available.

Also, combined (CB) key switch Articulation Templates hold all the articulations spread over multiple snapshot instruments. For instance, if you see โ€œHorn 1 Multi-Part 1โ€ and โ€œHorn 1 Multi-Part 2โ€, the corresponding Articulation Templates which contain everything together is called โ€œHorn 1 Multi CBโ€.

You need to set up a Kontakt Multi with one instrument for every Snapshot and give the instruments MIDI channels corresponding with the Part number, e.g. Part 2 received on MIDI Channel 2.

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