9️⃣Added in Version 9

The libraries below were added in Art Conductor 9 (2023)


Deep Quintet Strinigs

Ostinato Brass Snapshot

Ostinato Woodwinds Snapshot

🔸Ample Sound

Bass TR6

Guitar RB


Scoring Cello


Celestial Voices Ceres

United Strings Of Europe

Virtuoso Violin

🔸Audio Imperia

Nucleus 1.3 update

Solo Boy Soloists

🔸Best Service

Ancient ERA Persia

Celtic Era 2

🔸Cinematique Instruments


Hammered Dulcimer



CineStrings 2.0


Hollywood Fantasy Brass

Hollywood Fantasy Strings

Hollywood Fantasy Winds


Fischer Viola

Herring Clarinet

Sensual Saxophone

The Charmer

Whistler Ensemble

🔸Fallout Music Group

Restrung Vol 1

🔸Fluffy Audio

Jazz Bass

Simple Jazz Bass

Simple Ukulele

Simple Violin

Trio Broz Solo Viola


Damage Guitars

Symphonic Destruction Snapshot

🔸Impact Soundworks

Abyss 3.5

Jupiter 3.5

Precision 3.5

Precision 3.5

Rogue 3.5

Shreddage Fretless

Stratus 3.5



Blue Street Brass

Electric Cello

Generation Electric Guitar


Renegate Acoustic Guitar

Renegate Electric Guitar

The Fiddle

The Resonator

The Ukulele

🔸Kirk Hunter

Concert Brass 2

Front Row Violins

🔸Musical Sampling

Atelier Series Amy

Atelier Series Fauxgorian

Atelier Series Maggie

🔸Native Instruments


Session Bassist Icon Bass

Session Bassist Prime Bass

Session Guitarist Electric Mint

Session Guitarist Electric Vintage

Session Guitarist Picked Nylon


Evolution Baritone Electric Snapshot

Evolution Vintage Violin Bass Snapshot

Evolution 10 String Stick

Evolution Vision Bass

🔸Orchestral Tools

Abacus by Richard Harvey

Berlin Harpsichords for Sine

Berlin Woodwinds Addition Instruments Sine

Berlin Woodwinds SFX Sine

Metropolis Ark 0

Peter Vasks Strings



🔸Project Sam

Lumina 2.1

Orchestral Essentials 1 2.0

Orchestral Essentials 2 2.0


Grand Marimba


Soniccouture Pan Drums


The Orchestra 3

Woods Of The Wild

Lyrical Cello Phrases

Lyrical Violin Phrases


Voltage Bass

🔸Spitfire Audio

Abbey Road Orchestra High Percussion

Abbey Road Orchestra Low Percussion

Abbey Road Orchestra Metal Percussion

Abbey Road Orchestra Violins 1

Albion 8 Collosus

AR Selections Mysterious Reeds

Percussion Swarm

British Drama Toolkit Brass and Reeds

Chamber Strings Essentials


Iconic Violin

🔸Submission Audio

Djinn Bass

Punk Bass

Umansky Bass


MOJO2 Saxophones


Duality Strings

Duality Strings Sordino

Synchron 15 Power Drums

VSL Synchron Harp

SYzd Percussion

SYzd Saxophones


Brass Untamed

Solo Strings 2.0

Viola Untamed

Violin Untamed

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