๐ŸŽนKey switches

The key switches we use are identical to the trigger keys used in the output mapping of the Articulation Sets. This means if, for instance, E0 is used to switch to โ€œTremoloโ€ in a particular library, we use E0 to make the articulation map switch to Tremolo as well. For Spitfire libraries, the key switches follow the natural order of the articulation within the instrument. See below for more details.

In addition, weโ€™ve consolidated the most important key switches into the first octave, starting at C-2. This way, all libraries behave the same regarding those changes.

A couple of instruments do not follow this order, as they donโ€™t contain enough techniques that fall into the categories in the diagram above. The template names of these instruments end with a swung dash โ€œ~โ€.

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