๐ŸŽนKey Switches

Art Conductor uses a unified key switch system. The essential switches are always on the same note, and as a result, you can remember them better and control libraries from different manufacturers much more effortlessly. They can be found in the lowest octave starting at C-2.

Weโ€™ve recently started using PolyPressure MIDI events to control the remaining articulations. Thatโ€™s more convenient for you, and you wonโ€™t switch the articulation by accident anymore when playing the instrument.

A couple of instruments do not follow this order, as they donโ€™t contain enough techniques that fall into the categories in the diagram above. The template names of these instruments end with a swung dash โ€œ~.โ€

Another thing worth mentioning is that Logic has a MIDI channel setting in the Articulation setup. So, if you have a second keyboard or another way to input key switches, use another channel โ€“ this will avoid any issues with large amounts on lower octave key switches.

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