๐Ÿ“ถHow everything is set up


All articulations are in alphabetical order. This should help you find them faster


All key switches are in the natural order of the instrument from left to right or top to bottom, depending on the individual layout. Usually, the most important articulations are on the first slots in every instrument โ€“ this way, you have them on the first remote keys.


We use color-coding for the articulations. This way, for instance, all Legatos are orange, and all Longs (or Sustains) are red.

FX Sets

The so-called โ€œFX Setsโ€ chronologically order the remote keys from C-2 onwards. We use these sets for instruments that donโ€™t feature standard articulations and would, therefore, waste an entire octave worth of non-assigned remote keys.

FX Sets have the following sign at the end of the file name: ~

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