๐Ÿ“—Abbreviations and conventions


The filename tells you a lot about how to set up the interaction between the Articulation Template and the sample library. We use the following abbreviations:



CB stands for โ€œcombinedโ€. The Articulation Templates are designed to โ€œtalkโ€ to several Kontakt instruments simultaneously. Prominent examples are the Spitfire templates. Very often, there are Core, Deco and Legato abbreviations. Details are in the Spitfire chapter. Also, we use combined templates with Snapshot libraries.


MC stands for MIDI Channels. It indicates that this Snapshot library requires you to setup independent MIDI channels for all the instruments loaded into the Kontakt multi.


SL stands for Snapshot Library. This is an Articulation Template which requires you to load the corresponding Snapshot in Kontakt.


This is an FX library which will not follow the normal Key Switch layout.


This Spitfire library will only react to key switches and not UACC KS, which is somewhat rare.

Articulation Name

The articulation name also contains valuable info. We use the following abbreviation:



> Universal

VSL instruments with Matrices simply too big to be entirely controlled by a set.

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